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Birthday Board Template

Please check your spellings carefully. Once the board is done it cannot be changed unless the mistake is my fault.

Feel free to add/change/remove any categories on your birthday board. You can include whatever you think will best show off your little one's personality. Please bear in mind that a4 boards do not fit as much as a3 boards. If you are not sure of how much to include then have a look at our social media pages for ideas. 

On the form below it asks if you would like spelling/grammar mistakes corrected. This is common mistakes only, for example if you have written strawberry's instead of strawberries. We will not correct spellings of any names etc so please double and triple check your spellings are correct. We cannot be held responsible if any spelling is left uncorrected. 

The following form needs to be sent to hello@dottysdoodles.co.uk as soon as you've ordered. If you have any questions please feel free to email at the same address. Your birthday board will be filled in based on the information you send, so for example if age is missing then age will not be on your board. 

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